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Men's Conversion

The throwing implements in men’s college field events are heavier weights that those in high school. The men’s 110 hurdles are run at 42 inches instead of 39 inches in high school. As a result, we can only provide rough comparisons in this database. Use the following conversion to adjust for the weight and height differentials. They are provide only as estimates, actually performance will vary based on an athlete’s physical makeup (i.e. height, strength). These are based on antidotal experience of coaches and athletes. To our knowledge, no statistically based conversion methods are available.
Men’s discus: subtract 20 feet from your high school discus performance
Men's Hammer: subtract 40 feet from your 12 lb hammer performance
Men’s hurdles: add approximately 1 second to hurdles times at 39 inches
Men’s Javelin: No conversion needed.
Men’s Shot: subtract 5 to 8 feet from your high school shot performance