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Searchable Database of 45,000 College Track & Field Performances

BARRINGTON, R.I. (February 8, 2010) -- Turgeon Communications LLC has launched, a website for high school track and field athletes looking to compete in college. features a searchable database of every NCAA track & field conference championship in Division I, II and III. The database includes 76 conference championships and more than 45,000 individual men's and women's performances.

The database covers all 19 individual running and field events (the database can also be reached through and

The website, designed by Rhode-Island based technology company Brave River Solutions, allows high school athletes to see how their performances compare to college athletes. High school athletes can see where they rank among all college competitors in any individual event and can see how they would have finished in every conference championship in the country.

"There are plenty of places you can go to look up the academic requirements of a college," explains founder Steve Turgeon, who has coached high school track & field in Rhode Island for five years. "But what about track & field? What does it take to run in college? We think will go a long way in answering that question for a lot of athletes."

Turgeon began researching when several of his athletes expressed an interested in competing in college. He soon realized there was no easy way to determine at what level an athlete would be competitive in college. He then began building the database that is the key to this website.

By using Conference Championship meets, allows athletes to compare the relative strength of each conference and of each school within the conference. It also allows athletes to look across all D1, D2, and D3 schools and what it takes to compete at each level.

The data is searchable by division, conference and school. It also offers the ability to rank the conference based on winning time, last scoring place and last competitive place in every event.

"There are other places you can go to find this information," Turgeon said. "But what really makes the site impressive and valuable in the college search, is the work Brave River Solutions did building the search engine." is a subscription based service. A year subscription is available for $29 and includes complete access to the database. The data will also be updated following the 2010 outdoor track & field Conference Championships.

"We would love to offer it for free but there was considerable time and expense that went into it," Turgeon said. "We hope people see the $29 as a reasonable fee. It will help defer some of the cost of maintaining the site and allow us to provide additional research and information that we hope will help athletes with their college search."

About Turgeon Communications
Turgeon Communications LLC is a marketing, public relations and investor relations firm located in Barrington, Rhode Island. Opened in 2002, the firm provides communication services to a variety of clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Steve Turgeon is the Managing Partner of Turgeon Communications and is the head girls track & field coach at Barrington High School.

About Brave River Solutions
Located in Warwick, RI, Brave River Solutions is a leading provider of technology solutions to businesses in the Providence and Boston areas. With over 20 years of industry experience and unique end-to-end services, they offer consulting services, eBusiness solutions, and IT support. Brave River’s customized business solutions have helped more than 225 satisfied clients enhance their productivity and efficiency through state-of-the-art technology.

Brave River was recently ranked among Rhode Island’s top performing businesses in three categories of the 2010 Providence Business News Book of Lists, including the “Top Web Developers.” For more information, visit their website at, or call 401-828-6611 x231.

Temporary access to is available for members of the media. For more information or to request access, please contact Steve Turgeon at (401) 289-0112 or at